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Delivering hand-crafted digital design for a premium lifestyle brand


Uniform Wares is a premium and proudly British watch brand. Although it had gained global attention for its striking minimalist design, the sole proprietary point of purchase – the Uniform Wares website – wasn’t doing the company justice, either from a brand or an e-commerce perspective.

The digital
Consumer Insight

If you’re buying a luxury watch, you want to pore over every detail. In the past, this meant visiting an elegant showroom to physically see and feel the pieces. Since Uniform Wares had no stores of its own, we decided to use cutting-edge digital design to provide the same sense of brand immersion.

Uniform Wares tablet design


Craft. Precision. Artistry. We created a beautiful, meticulously considered site to celebrate the devotion to detail that goes into each and every Uniform Wares watch. Our goal was to visually romance the products in breathtaking fidelity – mirroring their recognisable look.

Uniform Wares idea collage Uniform Wares idea collage

‘Devotion to Detail’ led our creative philosophy, allowing the aesthetic of the watches to shine through. Echoing this minimalism, we eliminated any superfluous design elements.

Uniform Wares desktop design


Since the new site went live, Uniform Wares has never been busier. Traffic is up by 26%, revenue by 40% and average order value by 38%. And proving that we cracked the difficult challenge of creating a tactile experience online, there’s been a 71% increase in sales of their top-priced model.

26% Increase in traffic

40% Increase in revenue

38% Increase in order value

71% Increase in sales