Continuously improving a web experience to keep pace with evolving behaviours


Based on our research, it was clear that the way consumers shop for cars has fundamentally changed, thanks to the Internet. Having rebuilt Honda’s main UK car portal three times, we saw a great opportunity to deliver better numbers by syncing the site more precisely with the new way people buy cars.

The digital
Consumer Insight

Getting under the skin of the user was crucial. With online research now happening around the clock, buyers visit just 1.2 dealers on average before making a purchase. We realised people needed more support and guidance to locate the right info at the right time.

Based on extensive data analysis, heat mapping and first-hand user research, we moved from an entertainment-centric portal to one built around the customer journey.

Honda idea collage Honda idea collage


Fundamentally, the Honda site should put the user in the driving seat. And since no two people want the same thing (it’d be a dull world if they did) the Honda cars section had to intuitively guide a wide range of customer journeys through the process and into the dealership. Of course we also needed to ensure key info was easily accessible on all devices. Optimisation was another important part of achieving on-going success.


Despite a complex stakeholder environment, we successfully established an Agile delivery process to ensure everything ran on point, on time and on budget. As a result, cars configured increased by 75.6%, dealer location searches shot up by 111.2% and traffic to test drive request surged by 110%. That’s a total conversion of 5.9%.

75.6% Increase in cars configured

111.2% Increase in dealer searches

110% Increase in test drive requests

5.9% total conversion