Redefining a brand through a seamless cross-device experience


GNC is a popular retailer of sports nutrition products. However digital channels were underperforming due to an outdated website and unclear strategy. Our task: make digital a pillar of the brand and achieve genuine cut-through in a market ruled by race-to-the-bottom pricing.

The digital
Consumer Insight

The world of supplements is confusing, even intimidating. So we talked to GNC’s audience. It turned out that rather than cut-price offers, the real opportunity lay elsewhere: offering impartial and authoritative advice that’s readily accessible anywhere, anytime.

GNC tablet design

We mapped behaviour around fitness goals and defined user journeys by activity type. Our opportunity became clear: digital interaction with GNC should always take you closer to your goals.

GNC idea collage GNC idea collage


So how can GNC best support fitness goals? By implementing a mobile-first approach. Whenever customers needed support on their fitness journey, GNC provided it. We wove in expert advice tailored to each individual customer’s needs, and made it easy to purchase through an intuitive shopping experience.

GNC mobile design


Through smart audience insights and a pioneering mobile-first approach, we were able to achieve instant growth. GNC’s new site has seen a 50% increase in conversion to sale. And that’s not all. Our strategic approach focussed on real people, not just technology. So GNC have also used it to make significant changes to the brand’s in-store experience.

GNC desktop design