Programmatically targeting consumers as they progress towards purchase


B&Q helps millions of people improve and protect their homes. Customer insight and product purchase patterns showed that the great British weather is a key factor in driving impromptu house and garden repairs over the Autumn/Winter period. Our challenge was to leverage this data without appearing to capitalise on homeowners’ misery.

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Consumer Insight

We knew we were talking to 35-55 year old homeowners who lacked confidence in effectively managing house and garden repairs. And of course extreme weather is unpredictable. So we needed to find a way to reassure and motivate them to deal with the worst that British weather doles out, be that rain, wind, ice or snow.


Why not provide timely and helpful support before, during and after extreme weather conditions? Working closely with B&Q’s programmatic partner, we created an infrastructure that integrated automated triggers and campaign activity. For example, when the Met Office released a weather warning we served a relevant ‘Get ready’ ad and sent an email to relevant B&Q subscribed customers. Once the Met Office issued the all-clear we served ‘Affected by?’ messaging, offering repair guidance.

B&Q idea collage B&Q idea collage

Unpredictable factors like the weather are perfectly aligned with a programmatic approach. We automatically triggered unique creative assets based on real-time weather reporting.


This programmatic campaign offered useful advice exactly when it was needed most, successfully driving weather-related purchases and improving brand perception. Although detailed results can’t be publicly communicated, we exceeded each and every defined KPI. And we succeeded at boosting sales without appearing opportunistic.